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Sakura solid marker

Sakura solid marker

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Solid Marker is a solidified paint in a marker form offered in both standard and slim sizes. It marks through dust, rust, water – inside or outside on smooth or rough surfaces. Dries within minutes and is permanent once dry. Solid Marker won’t fade or wash off like chalk. The twist mechanism keeps paint fresh and ready to use. Solid Marker features a tough, broad stroke, quick dry time, low odor and is non-toxic.

This marker is widely used in commercial and industrial applications in construction, welding and fabrication, pipelines and drilling, assembly lines, automotive tires and windshields, HVAC, plumbing systems or with stencils. The 13 mm regular and 10 mm slim markers can both be trimmed with a knife for smaller marks. The Solid Marker is available in 11 colors including 3 fluorescent colors that offer higher visibility especially in low light conditions.

Note: Alcohol-based cleaners will remove marks from most non-porous surfaces. Fluorescent colors reflect under UV light and offer higher visibility in low light conditions

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