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Montana Water Based Paint 300ML

Montana Water Based Paint 300ML

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MTN Water Based 300 is the most popular format in the family of water-based paint that is growing non-stop.
     The Water Based range is separated into different formats such as the 100ml spray can, markers and refills. All of the products are compatible with one another.
     Without a doubt, however, Water Based 300 is leading the pack as the undisputed reference point for water-based, low odor range products and they already boast extensive experience within the international market. They are commonly found in artist's studios, who value them for their high-quality pigments, for the various ways they can be applied, and for the fact they are health-friendly to the user. They are also often used in professional workshops because of their versatile nature in terms of the multitude of surfaces on which they may be applied such as, wood, canvas, and solvent sensitive plastics like styrofoam, without the need for prior priming. 

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