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Kryptonite (Hard Touch) Actuator

Kryptonite (Hard Touch) Actuator

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Our Hard Touch ( Kryptonite ) Actuator has the most rigid trigger of our family, which gives you the greatest leverage over any nozzle. This equates to around half of the pressure applied to depress a nozzle (spray) and is best used to avoid strain while blocking out large areas. Fantastic on hard valve systems and problematic nozzles.

Night Quill tm has been developed to aid, assist and further the art forms utilising spray paint.

We provide technical and ergonomic design to manufacture a new era of art & graffiti implements.

Our desire is to bridge the gap with skill level as a beginner and offer products that give confidence and assist in the most creative artistic outcome. Having such tools will give people suffering from muscle, joint or tendon damage a chance to continue their art practice and career path.

Our products are aimed at a broad spectrum of use cases from general purpose to beginner and professional artists.

The Night Quill tm actuator gives you the opportunity to paint comfortably with both hands for a prolonged amount of time when strain sets in.

Night Quill is not a throw away product, but a tool to be taken care of and reused many times.

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