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Easy Streak Splitter Tool

Easy Streak Splitter Tool

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Introducing the Easy Streak Splitter! This handy tool simplifies making split solid markers and eliminates the need for a messy razor or tricky wires. The Easy Streak Splitter comes standard with a three-way divider; other divider attachments can be found here. This tool is compatible with Art Primo Solid Paint Markers and Sakura Solids.

How to use the Easy Streak Splitter:
1. Prepare the Splitter by ensuring the divider attachment is clean and ready. If you want to change out your attachment, do so before making splits.
2. Remove solid markers from their original bodies
3. Insert solid marker body into the shaft of the Easy Streak Splitter
4. Use the wand at the base of the Splitter to push the marker through the divider attachment
5. Repeat steps 2-4 as needed. Once you have the necessary split pieces, reassemble them into "whole" markers with your desired color configuration and reload them into the original marker bodies.

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